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About is a site dedicated to the modified car scene in Australia and has been one of Australia’s top sites for event coverage, providing videos and photos of some of the toughest street and track cars in Australia.

We are now looking to expand our coverage to incorporate all the latest Australian car news and the latest happenings in the modified car scene from Australia and around the world.  Event coverage, Readers Cars, drag racing, burnouts, event coverage, tech articles, ebay finds and much more!

Enjoy the new MCF, we still have our forums, we’re simply looking to be a bigger part of the Modified Car Scene in Australia than simply covering burnouts and events.

Site Staff

Adam – “AJ/AJ510″ Jackson (Owner MCF)

blah blah blah something something something





Jared “SK11TS” Powell ( Forum Admin / Moderator)

Jared has been a big part of Modified Car Forums since it started in 2006. He has also had a string of tough Torana’s, has entered a number of events, burnouts, drag racing. He currently has a V8 hilux for his fun car and a harley as his everyday run around.





Shannon “TUF253″ (Forum Admin / Moderator)

Shaun “CYCOV8″ (Forum Moderator)

Anthony “HYPO75″ Zarb (Forum Moderator

- likes to be called ‘kiwi tony’ or ‘hippo’

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