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Most Expensive Australian Cars Ever Sold

After seeing that Australia’s largest collection of Peter Brock cars was put up for sale, it got me thinking, what are the most highly price and sought after Australian cars. Naturally this led me on a bit of a goose chase as all I could find was articles about the most expensive cars sold (predominantly [...]

Top Gear Season 19

For those of you who enjoy watching the misadventures of Clarkson, Hammond and May, Season 19 of Top Gear has started up again in Australia (UK variant) and is only a week behind the UK. Perhaps Holden and HSV could twist the arms of the BBC to do another review of the Commodore since it [...]

SVK Raptor learning to fly

Just received this video via email and thought i’d share. From what I can tell it is an Ford Raptor which is a souped up F150 truck. 4wd all terrain tyres extra long suspension travel skid plates  6.2L v8 stupid ass colours outside and in (makes it a *super* 4wd with these) Basically it is [...]

Smokey and the Bandit Returns – Camaro come Trans Am

A company called Trans American Muscle (TAM) has created their own late model remake of the Pontiac Trans under their ‘Muscle Bandit Package’. Basically it is a 2012 Camaro SS modified to take on the look of how TAM believes a Trans Am remake would and should look. Specs :  6.2L supercharged V8 (unsure as [...]

Jumping John Holland Stuntman Extraordinaire

I’d like to introduce you to “Jumping” John Holland, this guy is a GENIUS, you will see why very soon. From what I could dig up, this sequence of Darwinism was shot in 1980/81 by a photographer named Tim Mcvay. Anyways, old Johnny wanted to do something that would set him apart from the rest [...]

Drag Racing Golf Cart

So in Australia, we have seen our fair share of golfcarts with motorbike engines popping tyres on the burnout pad. This cart actually still runs an electric motor and has run a best time (1/8 mile) of  8.92@71.69mph – 71mph in a golf cart!!! Powered by a ‘big torque motor’ with 144 volts and 925 amps [...]

Troy Trepanier: 1969 Ford Torino Talladega Style

Let’s be honest here, this is not a car, this is a work of art, the first word that comes to mind when you see this marvel is ‘FARRRRRRRRRRK’! This is a 1969 Ford Torino ‘Talladega Style’ built by Troy Trepanier (of course right?). The Talladega was built by Ford in an effort to become [...]

Amazing Pro Mod Crash Sequence

Stumbled across these photos of John Bartunek crashing his Pr Mod car in 2009 (photos from :  Bangshift ). Pretty amazing shots of a huge crash, Bartunek walked away from the accident, so it goes to show all the rules and regs in drag racing do actually save lives.  

Ratrodding reaches new low

This monstrosity was advertised for sale on Craigs list as a ‘1962 International Rat Rod‘ and I guess about a third of it fits the description. The base of this frankenstein is a Pontiac Grand Am, which isn’t the easiest on the eyes in its stock format. The addition of a ’62 International cab and [...]

Super Cool Autocross Ute (Truck)!

This is the type of auto events we are missing in Australia – Autocross!! Then take a car that looks like it has no business out on the track and make it perform like a deadset ass kicker! This has to be one of the coolest 1970 C10 trucks getting around. The build took just [...]

Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare July 1st 2012

So we had the Top Gear double loop video up the other day ( check it here ) and that was great however it was not really a *car*. Now this is not a double loop to loop like the Top Gear guys did ( video here ). This is two actual cars, not motorbikes [...]

Top Gear Record Breaking Stunt

Top gear held a live show infront of 15,000+ people on June 16th in Durban South Africa and set a new world record with their double loop-the-loop (aka Deadly 720) on four wheels.

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