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Posts under the category: WTF

SVK Raptor learning to fly

Just received this video via email and thought i’d share. From what I can tell it is an Ford Raptor which is a souped up F150 truck. 4wd all terrain tyres extra long suspension travel skid platesĀ  6.2L v8 stupid ass colours outside and in (makes it a *super* 4wd with these) Basically it is [...]

Jumping John Holland Stuntman Extraordinaire

I’d like to introduce you to “Jumping” John Holland, this guy is a GENIUS, you will see why very soon. From what I could dig up, this sequence of Darwinism was shot in 1980/81 by a photographer named Tim Mcvay. Anyways, old Johnny wanted to do something that would set him apart from the rest [...]

Stop Motion Engine Rebuild

Just stumbled across this damn cool video on youtube. The engine is a Triumph spitfire and the bloke spent 11 months and took 3,000 photos making the vid/engine rebuild.

Ratrodding reaches new low

This monstrosity was advertised for sale on Craigs list as a ‘1962 International Rat Rod‘ and I guess about a third of it fits the description. The base of this frankenstein is a Pontiac Grand Am, which isn’t the easiest on the eyes in its stock format. The addition of a ’62 International cab and [...]

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