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1970 HT Project HT

It has been a very long time since our last feature car, so we have a special one to kick things off again. This is long time MCF supporter, Lindsay aka Project HT and his street driven 1970 HT Holden. Lindsay picked up his HT a little over 9 years ago for $150 with the [...]

1973 LJ Torana – YLD-073

Well it has been a long long long time since we last had a Feature car up so thought we’d start off with a very stout streeter from up the coast (sorry YLD073 we needed to get your ugly mug off the front page). This is Lee’s 1973 LJ aka YLD-073! Lee’s LJ is powered [...]

1984 4Runner NO TOY

Would you believe this started out life as a stock standard 1984 Toyota 4runner? The 4runner now stands a full 23″ taller than when it originally left the production line. The added height was achieved through completely modifying the stock suspension and driveline setup. The absolute basics of the change in height is due to [...]

1966 Yellow XR Falcon

Nate bought this XR as a rolling painted shell in 2005 with plans of building a nice tough straight street cruiser. We followed Nate from Wallsend to Nobbys beach in Newcastle and the XR attracted alot of looks from other motorists and passers by. It’s not a wonder really, it’s straight as a die, bright [...]

BIGV8 Blown Bigblock HJ Statesman

After being a burnout competitor for just over two years, Leroy Rees has absolutely smashed the hell out of the industry. Last year alone he took home the winners trophys for Gazzanats Adelaide, Elite Pro Street Burnouts and Drag Tag 10k Burnout Challenge. Even after all of his success, the “Loud Obnoxious C***” still has [...]

Turbo 1UZFE Powered 69′ HT Ute

What makes a good sleeper? It seems like a pretty simple formula really, take a car add a big dose of horsepower, leave the rest looking like the standard vehicle and off you go right? What’s missing from 99% of sleepers though? They all have the power and looks yet at idle most sound like [...]

CYCOV8 – 1974 TC Ford Cortina

This TC never knew what hit it when Shaun decided it was the car for him. It was bought with a warm 289 in it and has since had 5 engine combos. The latest is a 383 stroker that was recently rebuilt after cooking the crank and 4 rods at Elite Pro Street Burnouts 2007( [...]

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