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Burnout Warriors 7 1st December 2013

Burnout Warriors 7¬† All the info is in the flyer above : Where : Wakefield Park Goulburn When : 1st December 2013 Gates open 9am Prices : Competitor : $175 Shared Driver : $50 $30 per passenger (16 & over) $20 spectators (kids under 14 free) More information Call : Simbad D’Towee : 0418 396 [...]

HSV unveils their 430kW GTS!

HSV Gen-F 430kW GTS unveiled! As was previously mentioned, the Gen-F GTS is the most powerful car ever producd in Australia with its 6.2 litre supercharged v8 pumping out 430kW and 740Nm. The previous artists impression is now a reality and the BMitsubisHSV is now ready. At a glance, it appears that HSV has got [...]

Brasher Nats June 9th 2013

You all remember the mayhem that happened at the Brasher Nats house warming party, now they’re slamming all that mayhem into an event. Brasher Nats will be held at Sydney Dragway on the 9th of June, a definite must NOT miss event for Sydney siders!

Mang Mangs

afasfd Mang Mangs on Youtube  

American Versus Aussie Burnouts Part 4

  We’ve been working harder than a one armed brick layer in Baghdad slapping together the latest sequel in the timeless classic American versus Australian Burnouts #4. If this doesn’t work….they’ll have to start flying over a few *instructors* to help kick start the burnout scene over there…. Parts 1 through 3 : American Burnouts [...]

Burnout Mayhem Easter 2013

There was plenty of action at Burnout Mayhem Good FrYday burnouts, big cars, big flames, wall kisses, smoke, tyres flying and frying, a great day and night all round! Supercharged Rotary MUNTED catches fire in spectacular fashion at the end of a skid Craig won the skids in CUTSIK (not this burnout) and let rip [...]

Bathurst Autofest 2013

Bathurst 2013 Result Top Hot Rod (Showcar) 1st 178 Joe Tyler – Ford A Model Top Hot Rod (Streetcar)1st 126 Stuart Bennett – 37 Chev Top Sedan (Showcar) 2nd 150 Matthew Naylor – VL Commodore Top Sedan (Showcar) 1st 132 Mick Fabar – Ford XR Top Sedan (Streetcar) 2nd 24 Shane Nesbitt – LX Torana [...]

Walkinshaw HSV Maloo for sale VIP Car

If you are looking for a second hand Maloo, this is the one for you, Walkinshaw Performance are selling one of their own VIP cars. A Walkinshaw Performance HSV E3 Maloo from their own fleet as they are getting new cars, so out with the old and in with the new. Which is great news [...]

The Ultimate Burnout Challenge 2013

TUBC 2013 #5 WHEN : March 16th 2013 (gates open to spectators at 11am) WHERE : Avalon Speedway 200 Old Melbourne Rd Lara $30,000 in cash prizes to be won! Two classes for burnout cars – Tough Street and Pro Outlaw Full licensed venue! For More Information visit their website :  

Top Gear Season 19

For those of you who enjoy watching the misadventures of Clarkson, Hammond and May, Season 19 of Top Gear has started up again in Australia (UK variant) and is only a week behind the UK. Perhaps Holden and HSV could twist the arms of the BBC to do another review of the Commodore since it [...]

SVK Raptor learning to fly

Just received this video via email and thought i’d share. From what I can tell it is an Ford Raptor which is a souped up F150 truck. 4wd all terrain tyres extra long suspension travel skid plates¬† 6.2L v8 stupid ass colours outside and in (makes it a *super* 4wd with these) Basically it is [...]

NSW Pro Burnouts 2013 Winning skids

Dubbo’s Morris Park Speedway was rocked by ‘NSW Pro Burnouts’, the brain child of Donna Bumpstead and Phil Kerjean ( GASSED ). A fresh burnout pad was laid specifically for this event : 30 by 30 metre concrete pad with a 10m by 5m run in that provided the perfect workbench for entrants and their [...]

Sydney Powercruise 2013

Sydney Powercruise is about on us again with only two and a bit more weeks before it kicks off at Eastern Creek for 2013. As per usual, there will be plenty of action to participate in as an entrant and watch as a spectator. Events : Cruise the track with your mates Off Street Racing [...]

Australian Vs American Burnouts Part 3

In good old Aussie fashion, we have risen to the challenge to ‘take the piss’ out of the Americans and their in ability to ‘Chuck a Skid’. After the previous two Aus V US burnout videos, not one single example of a good American skid has materialised. Thousands of views and comments, incoherent claims of [...]

The Tip In

No matter what make you prefer to spend your hard earned on, seeing a car barreling into the burnout pad at speed and whip into donuts never fails to impress. There were some big high speed tip ins in the $50k Burnout comp at Queensland Powercruise and it got me thinking, why isn’t this a [...]

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