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Posts under the category: American Muscle

American Versus Aussie Burnouts Part 4

  We’ve been working harder than a one armed brick layer in Baghdad slapping together the latest sequel in the timeless classic American versus Australian Burnouts #4. If this doesn’t work….they’ll have to start flying over a few *instructors* to help kick start the burnout scene over there…. Parts 1 through 3 : American Burnouts [...]

Australian Vs American Burnouts Part 3

In good old Aussie fashion, we have risen to the challenge to ‘take the piss’ out of the Americans and their in ability to ‘Chuck a Skid’. After the previous two Aus V US burnout videos, not one single example of a good American skid has materialised. Thousands of views and comments, incoherent claims of [...]

Wheelstanding Dune Bandit “Bad Company” Jeep

Bad ass blown 427 small block powered jeep “Bad Company” throws a few wheel stands in the sand.

1967 Camaro “VENGEANCE”

Camaro’s have been one of the most popular American Muscle cars since their inception in 1966 when the then CEO of Chevrolet stated that the meaning of Camaro was “a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs”.

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