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Posts under the category: Crashes

Burnout Mayhem Easter 2013

There was plenty of action at Burnout Mayhem Good FrYday burnouts, big cars, big flames, wall kisses, smoke, tyres flying and frying, a great day and night all round! Supercharged Rotary MUNTED catches fire in spectacular fashion at the end of a skid Craig won the skids in CUTSIK (not this burnout) and let rip [...]

Burnouts Flames and Blowups from 2011

A quick compilation of some of the bigger blowups during the 2011 burnout season. Events in this video :  Lardner Park Burnout Mayhem Burnout Warriors Kandos Mayhem Spring Nats Summernats Street Machine Nationals Sydney Powercruise The Ultimate Burnout Challenge Previous compilations of Burnouts Flames and Blowsups The biggest crashes, blowups, flames and Close calls of [...]

Now this is how you crash a Mud Truck

The driver of this ‘mud truck’ is Jason Linden and he did walk away from this crash, not completely unharmed, he had a concussion, bruised lung and destroyed his beloved truck. If you saw that video and thought ‘f$%^ yeah, that looks fun’, here are a few mud trucks for sale on racing junk – [...]

9 Second MX5 (miata) amazing save at the drags

Old matey was about 100 metres into his pass when his motor decided to drop all its coolant, giving his slicks zero traction. How he managed to miss the wall is a mystery to me, with the little MX-5 facing directly at the wall 3 or 4 times, he manages to recover without damagin a [...]

Wheelstander mounts a fence

The 1970 Buick Convertible is a purpose built wheel stander was about 100metres into its demo wheel stand when it gets a little too close to the guard rail and rolls a number of times. The driver ‘Jeff Wild’ of Jeff Wild Racing walked away uninjured, however the Buick is a complete write off. He [...]

Crazy Car Crash – Not for Everyone

This is how quickly your day can change, one minute chatting away and singing and the next someone decides to cut a corner to save time and well…. This is not a graphic video, however it sure shocked me the way in which it unfolded. So that being said – watch the video and thank [...]

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