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Posts under the category: Monster Trucks

SVK Raptor learning to fly

Just received this video via email and thought i’d share. From what I can tell it is an Ford Raptor which is a souped up F150 truck. 4wd all terrain tyres extra long suspension travel skid platesĀ  6.2L v8 stupid ass colours outside and in (makes it a *super* 4wd with these) Basically it is [...]

Air Mundy Goes Huge!

No helmets necessary as no brains were involved in the creation of this video! Owner Daniel Mundy keeps his foot flat to the firewall in an effort to turn his mud truck “Air Mundy” into a rocketship~! Nutcase – MCF approved!

Monster Truck Backflip

This is insane! Who would have thought that anyone in their right mind would ever have attempted a backflip in a monster truck. Then not only to attempt it but to actually land the backflip!

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