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American Versus Aussie Burnouts Part 4

  We’ve been working harder than a one armed brick layer in Baghdad slapping together the latest sequel in the timeless classic American versus Australian Burnouts #4. If this doesn’t work….they’ll have to start flying over a few *instructors* to help kick start the burnout scene over there…. Parts 1 through 3 : American Burnouts [...]

Bathurst Autofest 2013

Bathurst 2013 Result Top Hot Rod (Showcar) 1st 178 Joe Tyler – Ford A Model Top Hot Rod (Streetcar)1st 126 Stuart Bennett – 37 Chev Top Sedan (Showcar) 2nd 150 Matthew Naylor – VL Commodore Top Sedan (Showcar) 1st 132 Mick Fabar – Ford XR Top Sedan (Streetcar) 2nd 24 Shane Nesbitt – LX Torana [...]

NSW Pro Burnouts 2013 Winning skids

Dubbo’s Morris Park Speedway was rocked by ‘NSW Pro Burnouts’, the brain child of Donna Bumpstead and Phil Kerjean ( GASSED ). A fresh burnout pad was laid specifically for this event : 30 by 30 metre concrete pad with a 10m by 5m run in that provided the perfect workbench for entrants and their [...]

Australian Vs American Burnouts Part 3

In good old Aussie fashion, we have risen to the challenge to ‘take the piss’ out of the Americans and their in ability to ‘Chuck a Skid’. After the previous two Aus V US burnout videos, not one single example of a good American skid has materialised. Thousands of views and comments, incoherent claims of [...]

1970 HT Project HT

It has been a very long time since our last feature car, so we have a special one to kick things off again. This is long time MCF supporter, Lindsay aka Project HT and his street driven 1970 HT Holden. Lindsay picked up his HT a little over 9 years ago for $150 with the [...]

Drag Racing Golf Cart

So in Australia, we have seen our fair share of golfcarts with motorbike engines popping tyres on the burnout pad. This cart actually still runs an electric motor and has run a best time (1/8 mile) of  8.92@71.69mph – 71mph in a golf cart!!! Powered by a ‘big torque motor’ with 144 volts and 925 amps [...]

1966 Yellow XR Falcon

Nate bought this XR as a rolling painted shell in 2005 with plans of building a nice tough straight street cruiser. We followed Nate from Wallsend to Nobbys beach in Newcastle and the XR attracted alot of looks from other motorists and passers by. It’s not a wonder really, it’s straight as a die, bright [...]

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