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Posts under the category: WTF

Brasher Nats June 9th 2013

You all remember the mayhem that happened at the Brasher Nats house warming party, now they’re slamming all that mayhem into an event. Brasher Nats will be held at Sydney Dragway on the 9th of June, a definite must NOT miss event for Sydney siders!

Burnout Mayhem Easter 2013

There was plenty of action at Burnout Mayhem Good FrYday burnouts, big cars, big flames, wall kisses, smoke, tyres flying and frying, a great day and night all round! Supercharged Rotary MUNTED catches fire in spectacular fashion at the end of a skid Craig won the skids in CUTSIK (not this burnout) and let rip [...]

SVK Raptor learning to fly

Just received this video via email and thought i’d share. From what I can tell it is an Ford Raptor which is a souped up F150 truck. 4wd all terrain tyres extra long suspension travel skid plates  6.2L v8 stupid ass colours outside and in (makes it a *super* 4wd with these) Basically it is [...]

Wheelstanding Dune Bandit “Bad Company” Jeep

Bad ass blown 427 small block powered jeep “Bad Company” throws a few wheel stands in the sand.

Drag Racing Golf Cart

So in Australia, we have seen our fair share of golfcarts with motorbike engines popping tyres on the burnout pad. This cart actually still runs an electric motor and has run a best time (1/8 mile) of  8.92@71.69mph – 71mph in a golf cart!!! Powered by a ‘big torque motor’ with 144 volts and 925 amps [...]

Air Mundy Goes Huge!

No helmets necessary as no brains were involved in the creation of this video! Owner Daniel Mundy keeps his foot flat to the firewall in an effort to turn his mud truck “Air Mundy” into a rocketship~! Nutcase – MCF approved!

Gymkhana at Target

We had the latest Ken Block Gymkhana video up the other day and the parody’s have already started. Target becomes the new San Francisco and the focus is replace with a hi-po shopping trolley. With the amount of limiter he is using, I would have sworn he was entering a burnout comp!

Stop Motion Engine Rebuild

Just stumbled across this damn cool video on youtube. The engine is a Triumph spitfire and the bloke spent 11 months and took 3,000 photos making the vid/engine rebuild.

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