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Burnout Evolution

It was not all that long ago that having a 6/71 metal mountain automatically put you in the box seat of the burnout elite. Then came bigger motors and bigger blowers, 500, 600 cube monsters with 8/71 to 14/71 methanol breathing monsters that literally would bring a tear to your eyes as they redisperse their tyres.

Then the gigantic horsepower figures such as that of BLWNHX (video above) and its 2,000hp motor that sucked a 70L fuel tank dry in under a minute.

During the same period, presentation in the burnout scene moved forwards in leaps and bounds, ┬ápaint and panel, went from cheap and nasty “she’ll be right” dungers in the paddock to beautifully painted showcars with full interiors. Complete cars and not just a motor with a set of wheels slapped on it.

The top 10 at The Ultimate Burnout Challenge 2011 are testament to this (video below).

Inbetween all of this there was a bit of stacks on with who could build the tallest metal mountain and some looked like they were close to toppling (James Scarlett’s HZ and MYWAY tipping the scales here). Twin blown cars such as Silver Bullet and T4TUFF, to be fair Silver Bullet was not a burnout car.

Remember when people were spruiking “they’re mad to build a purpose built burnout car…”, now they’re shouting out “I am going to build a purpose built burnout car or three”.

We are currently entering a new phase in the evolution of the burnout world, with the latest metamorphosis unveiled at motorex 2012. Late model cars have become all the rage, with Steve Loader unveiling his VE commodore “UNLOAD”, Steve Nogas and his Camaro “KILLAB” and Gary Myers with his late model Mustang ’2INSANE’…. It will be interesting to see how long it will take for more to follow suit.

Personally I think this is a huge and positive step forwards, old skool is still cool, however to expand interest in a growing industry, there is a need to capture the attention of a wider and larger audience and moving to late model cars is going to do just that!

Who would have ever believed that “those shitty burnout cars” would have been able to mix it up with the show cars being presented at motorex.

How far can it go?

Who knows, who would have thought burnouts would have come as far as they have already, all I can really say is that the next 12 months are going to be interesting to say the least!

Summernats has always been the car show for the big unveils, however I think that Queensland Powercruise and the allure of $50,000 cash might just pip Summernats this year…we shall have to wait and see, one thing is certain though, seeing Steve Nogas’ Camaro KILLAB at Motorex stirred up some feelings I personally have not felt for burnouts in quite some time – excitement and anticipation (can’t f*^%$g wait)!

Best sounding engine in any burnout car bar none – NUTTR

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