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NSW Pro Burnouts 2013 Winning skids

Dubbo’s Morris Park Speedway was rocked by ‘NSW Pro Burnouts’, the brain child of Donna Bumpstead and Phil Kerjean ( GASSED ). A fresh burnout pad was laid specifically for this event : 30 by 30 metre concrete pad with a 10m by 5m run in that provided the perfect workbench for entrants and their cars.

With $25,000 in prizes on the line and a chance to get into the Burnout Masters (Summernats 2014), the stage was set for a top notch you beaut fair dinkum burnout show down. A bevy of Australia’s top burnout cars were lined up, UNLOAD, ULEGAL, EVILXA, SKDUTE, T4TUFF to name just a few.

All the action kicked off in the am with Street Class entrants getting first chance to face off with the newly built burnout pad. Whilst these cars are not as powerful or well known for their burnout prowess as the Pro Class cars, the Street Class did not disappoint at all. Infact they put on a limiter smashing show, big revs combined with flaming tyres and drivers ignoring their motors screams for mercy overwhelmed the senses for a tip top precursor to the Pro Class burnouts.

The Pro Class rolled onto the pad with the same mindset as the Street Class entrants, no tyre would be left unsmashed, even if it meant setting the bastards on fire or making some weight reduction modifications to their motors. Just watch the video, you do not need me bsing on about it (top of the post is a compilation of all top 10 Pro Class burnouts).

Also a special mention, Jake Myers at the ripe old age of 16 performed in his very first competition skid and came out with a result of 4th (3 places infront of his old man), so well done Jake great job and good luck in the future. It is a hell of an ask to go up against all the other cars let alone placing 4th at your first comp.

Top 10 Pro Class Burnouts

(video above – each burnout links to the segment of the video the skid is in)

1stT4TUFF Matt Powers Orange 1 tonner – 11:04

2nd- EVILXA Peter Grmusa Green Ford Ute – 10:03

3rd- CUTSIK Craig Whiddett Purple VK Commodore – 08:36

4th- JM176 Jake Myers Black Mustang (16 years old and his first ever competition skid) – 06:52

5th- SKDUTE Steve Edsall White Cobra Ute – 06:02

6th- IBLOWN Andrew Pool Purple VC Commodore – 05:10

7th- GM176 Gary Myers Black Mustang – 03:57

8th- SILLY Adam Mutimer Purple HQ Holden – 03:01

9th- ZZ1967 Greg Young White Impala – 01:36

10th- METHEAD Peter Lanati Orange VK Commodore – 00:04

Top 3 Street Class Burnouts

1stH8STYRS7 Kev Chandler Silver VX Commodore 02:36

2nd - EVL 06 Tony Lyon Green HR Holden – 01:29

3rdFAT WH Jeremy Bond Statesman. – 00:04


For ALL the NSW Pro Burnouts Burnouts : 

NSW Pro Burnouts 2013 Playlist

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