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Super Cool Autocross Ute (Truck)!

This is the type of auto events we are missing in Australia – Autocross!! Then take a car that looks like it has no business out on the track and make it perform like a deadset ass kicker!

This has to be one of the coolest 1970 C10 trucks getting around. The build took just three and a half months and these guys have ended up with a seriously tough looking C10 that can mix it up with all the other cars on the autocross track.

Basically it is a C10 truck, body has had about 8″ taken out of it for it to handle the extreme lowering job, tube chassis braces running from front to back, rollcage, LS2, big ass tyres and wilwood brakes. Recipe for success!

Motivation comes from an LS2 with Z06 internals, 750 holley and Bowler 4L80e transmission (manual valve body and air shifter).

All up the truck currently weighs in at around 1,360 odd kilos, looks can be deceiving.

Front tyres are 18″ by 11″ wide and the rears are 18″ by 12″ wide!

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