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Unfinished Projects

I tend to find myself regularly searching on ebay for ‘unfinished projects‘, not necessarily to buy anything at all, more to have a look at what people have started, how far they got and naturally if there is a bargain to be had.

I noticed today on my daily prowl, the list of unfinished cars was top heavy with Holdens and only one or two Fords were listed as unfinished projects. This could mean one of two things, Holden drivers are too lazy to finish their builds or Ford owners simply take their cars directly to the scrap heap (where they may or may not belong?).

Anyway, I composed a list of those cars that stood out as projects that could or might be worth while taking on.

1) HT Kingswood

This one struck me as not a bad idea for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the job of paint and panel is done, driveline is ready, chrome reco’d and seats have been retrimmed. It is not a perfect car, but it would make a great cruiser.

2) Two Door LC

It is a two door LC that pretty much sums up this one and it isn’t a rusted piece of shit as 99% of others tend to be.

3) XE Falcon

This is a complete car in pieces going by the ad, so it stood out as probably the pick of the bunch. Body, driveline, tyres, interior all new / reco’d / rebuilt.



4) HT Ute

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