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Wheelstander mounts a fence

The 1970 Buick Convertible is a purpose built wheel stander was about 100metres into its demo wheel stand when it gets a little too close to the guard rail and rolls a number of times.

The driver ‘Jeff Wild’ of Jeff Wild Racing walked away uninjured, however the Buick is a complete write off. He does mention in the comments of the video that he is going to take all the good parts and build another 1970 Buick Convertible the same as this one was.

Jeff also mentions the reason for the crash, in Jeff’s words :

“The AntiRoll Bar mount on the Passenger side of the 12blt broke at the starting line! Once I looked to the left the second time and saw Grass and no Track I Knew I Was Screwed!!! Let off the gas, pushed my hands on the wheel, slammed my feet to the floor, and pushed my back to the seat! It was a Wild RollerCoaster from Hell”

Another view of the accident 

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